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The Twin Falls Republican Central Committee is a ‘Private Club’

Yep, that is a direct quote from none other than Steve Millington, Central Committee Chair. And it was that private club mentality that was on full display at the December 8th meeting, and illustrates why, more than ever, true Republican conservatives need to become Precinct Committeemen.

Millington’s “We are a private club” declaration was made when he objected to MVLA recording the Committee meeting on MVLA’s Facebook page. Now, to be fair, political parties are not public agencies, nor are they extensions of government. That said, once Republican Party members accept public money, place their name on a ballot, or get elected to office, they become public servants of We the People.


Precinct Committeeman Matt Feemster presented a resolution he drafted with Adrain Arp of the John Birch Society (Twin Falls chapter) also a Precinct Committeeman. The resolution called to:

  • Disrupt, delay and derail the federally mandated requirement that COVID-19 vaccination be a condition of employment at companies with 100 or more employees.
  • Stop all local and school mask mandates.
  • Protect individual medical privacy and employee rights by prohibiting all public and private employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment.

Only Committee members have voting rights, and are allowed to accept or reject the resolution. Eleven members voted to accept the resolution, 15 voted to reject, including Millington. When Adrian Arp called the Committee “Gutless wonders,” Millington barked, “That’s enough!”, slammed his gavel, and added, “Adrian, chill!” Vice Chair, Andrew Mix chastised objectors as “sore losers.” He then offered to help “soften the language” and submit a revised resolution at next month’s meeting.

It’s worth mentioning here that had the Magic Valley’s own Sen. Jim Patrick, Chairman of the Senate Commerce and Human Resource Committee, challenged the vaccine mandate, this resolution would not be needed in the first place. Read how he protected the vaccine mandate here. Read how he favored hospitals over citizen rights here. See why he earned himself a score of 47 on the Idaho Freedom Index here.


One of the objectors to the vote, Mona Weeks, said to Millington and Mix, “You need to step up for the people, and healthcare workers. Why have you not stopped mandates, or stood up to the Governor?” She told Millington after the meeting, “You voted with your heart and not for the people’s rights. As an elected official, you’re supposed to be representing the Constitution.”

She told me later, “I am very displeased with the decision. People’s lives are being affected by mandated Covid shots.” She said nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Treasure Valley are forcing vaccinations of all residents. She said a friend’s father-in-law just passed away after receiving his second booster shot. A nurse at St Alphonse in Boise confided this privately to the victim’s son.

Weeks shared she was diagnosed with Covid in September, and is still testing positive for Covid antibodies in her blood stream. She has no sense of taste or smell, and Covid is affecting her autoimmune system, especially Lupus. St Luke’s of Magic Valley, her employer, accepted her religious exemption but not her medical exemption. She suffers from painful sores on her arms and hands. “Nothing is stopping the spread,” she said.


Before the vote, a woman stood up to voice her support for the resolution. She stated she suffered nerve damage from two vaccines due to St Luke’s mandates. She was fired, though she had a medical exemption from her neurologist. “It’s not about public safety,” she said, “It’s about money.”  She later said it’s important that people know that St Luke’s still forces vaccines on employees even though there are contraindications.


State Attorney General Lawrence Wasden was the evening’s guest speaker.  I was anticipating an update on the Republican attorneys general from 24 states who sent a letter in September to Biden threatening legal action over the vaccine mandate. Addressing the federal government’s constant overstepping of its authority of the law and infringing on state sovereignty would have been instructive.  Instead, we got schooled (101 style) about the Idaho Constitution, federalism, policy versus law, his job description, and a closing pitch for his reelection.

The tone was condescending and braggadocious. Wasden is a fellow of the Aspen Institute, a cadre of globalist governance leaders, a think tank of the New World Order, and funded by the Gates Foundation, among other globalist NGOs. You can read his bio on their website here.

Wasden is seeking reelection for a sixth term. By the way, former Congressman, Raul Labrador announced in November that he is running against Wasden in the May 17, 2022 primary election. You can visit Labrador’s website here.


ATTEND THE NEXT MEETING: TF Republican ‘Private Club’ Central Committee meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the County West Building, 630 Addison Avenue. 7 PM. Enter on the north side through Planning & Zoning entrance. Support the revised resolution when it is re-introduced before the Committee. MVLA will be there.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday January 12, 2022. 

Build relationships. Introduce yourself. Observe. Be friendly and polite. Ask questions. Be respectful but firm in keeping them accountable.

BECOME A PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN: Restore our constitutional form of government of We The People right here in the Magic Valley by replacing ‘Private Club’ members with real conservative Republicans – like you. Here’s how: 

Step 1: Watch the one minute Precinct Strategy Video here to learn why Precinct Committeemen are today’s political Minutemen, and why the office of Precinct Committeeman has been called “the most powerful office in the world.”

Step 2: You must be a registered Republican to run. You can register at the Twin Falls County Clerk Office, County West Building, 630 Addison Avenue, Twin Falls.

Step 3: Learn what precinct number you are in, who is your current Precinct Committeeman in your precinct, and obtain the election application. I could not locate that information from the Twin Falls County website. I recommend you visit the Twin Falls County Clerk Office in person. Go to the County West Building, 630 Addison Avenue, Twin Falls, second floor. 

NOTE: New precinct lines are still being finalized due to three lawsuits. I was told by the TF County Clerk Office that forms for filing your candidacy for Precinct Committeeman will be available on their website from February 28 – March 11.

Step 4: There are two ways to become a Precinct Committeeman: Fill a current vacancy (vacancies are announced at Committee meetings) or run against an incumbent in the next primary (in May). To learn more, or let us know you are running, contact MVLA at


DID YOU KNOW? Wherever a vacancy of an elected official occurs between election years, like a Commissioner or legislator leaves office, the Governor looks to Precinct Committeemen to submit three nominees to the Governor’s office to fill those vacancies until the next election cycle. As long as conservative Precinct Committeemen remain in the minority, liberal nominees are more likely to be submitted.

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I think it is reasonable at this time in Idaho for both insiders Wasden and Labrador to be cast aside for Candidate Macomber who has actually built something in the private sector and legal industry, will actually litigate and fight Biden without being harangued into it, and actually stand up and exercise Idaho sovereignty.

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